and the human sciences
Pedagogy and the Human Sciences (PHS) is a peer-reviewed interactive online journal
devoted to the study of teaching and learning in psychology and related fields.  Our goal is to
promote reflection upon what it means to teach and learn in psychology and related fields.  
The journal seeks to promote re-examination of first principles in thinking about teaching
and learning in psychology, education, sociology, anthropology, economics and related
social sciences.  PHS seeks manuscripts aimed at the development of theories of pedagogy
in, reflective and conceptual analyses of teaching practices and their relation to principles of
pedagogy and research on the implementation of models of pedagogy.  The journal also
encourages empirical research drawing upon multiple traditions and frameworks, including
quantitative, qualitative and action research.

PHS is an interactive journal.  Readers are encouraged to comment on all articles published
in PHS.  All commentaries should be submitted to the journal editor in the same format as
paper submissions.

The journal proceeds from the principle that teaching and learning are social practices that
are informed by social values.  As a result, we seek articles that articulate and explore the
implications of the (often tacit) conceptual, social and philosophical underpinnings of
teaching and learning in psychology. Topics of interest include but are not limited to:
Theory of pedagogy;
Theory of teaching and learning
The meaning of teaching and learning in psychology and related social
What constitutes “good teaching”
Ways to promote and evaluate good teaching
Putting theory into practice
Empirical studies on teaching and learning
Student assessment as pedagogy; learning as doing
Learning by participating in scholarly activity
Critiques of existing teaching practice
Linking teaching and scholarship
Teaching as learning as developmental processes
Resolving tensions between content and skills
Learning styles
Culture, gender and ethnicity in teaching and learning
Using technology as means and not an end
Addressing fragmentation and integration in the field
Articulating intra- and inter- disciplinary links
Apprenticeship and participant learning; etc.
PHS is devoted to the idea that good teaching involves much
more than the transmission of information.  Our goal is to
promote reflection and discussion related to theory and practice
of teaching in the psychological sciences. It is our belief that
good teaching prompts the development of both skills and
knowledge; encourages reflection upon basic assumptions
and values; prompts the development of a student's  
understanding and intellectual voice; invites students to
participate in the process of scholarly inquiry, and occurs within
the context of relationships between students and teachers as
well as among students themselves.  

Basic Theory

There is nothing as practical as a good theory -- Kurt Lewin  
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